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Temporary Works is a topic that contractors cannot ignore in this modern-age of projects driven by Health & Safety, schedule and ultimately cost. SJG Temporary Works has been adapted to develop a range of services to cater for every issue or requirement surrounding Temporary Works that a contractor may face. 

As the industry plays catch up in understanding the importance of the vast topic of Temporary Works; SJG have been leading from the forefront to increase awareness. By working with the HSE, UK industry associations, schools and colleges, SJG have translated their specialist training courses into Temporary Works Awareness sessions in order to educate and enlighten current and future construction professionals.

Explore, read or contact us today, to see how our services can help ensure competency of workers, efficiently schedule, value engineer or design out the risks, in your next live project:


The industry needs more trained Temporary Works professionals. Explore our range of training and awareness courses to see how you and your colleagues can get up to speed!



See how our expert team of design engineers can help you today. Specialists in Temporary Works…make sure your site has the engineered solutions it needs.


Site Support

We have the specialists at our disposal. If you legally require a Temporary Works Co-Ordinator, Temporary Works Supervisor or a specialist site audit, then call SJG Temporary Works today to discuss your needs.


Contract Support

Construction revolves around safety, time, money and early planning. Utilise SJG Temporary Works Ltd as an expert consultancy to ensure your procedures and policies are time and cost effective.


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